Infinity Swimming Pool – Jalashai
You can take a quick dip into the blue water, enjoying the luxury bathing offered by the Jalashai (infinity pool). Get spectacular panoramic views of vast sea and the coastline from the pool itself.
Baby Pool – Jacuzzi
Rejuvenate your senses while spending your vacation days in ease with our exclusive Jacuzzi service.
Devine Coconut Tree
When all of the coconut's life-supporting properties are laid out so plainly, it's hard to see why the coconut tree doesn't deserve the status of KALPA VRIKSHA. What other plant can support life for so long and so completely as the coconut tree? Next time you find yourself abandoned on a desert island, you now know where to turn for your every need.
Modern Spa – Vishranti
At Adhvasaha, you can step into a world of pure bliss and positive energy with our unique spa therapies to experience an earthy wellness and beautification. Feel free to pamper yourself.
Multi-cuisine Restaurant – Kalpavriksha
Our in-house multi cuisine restaurant helmed by experienced chefs who can customize the dish as per your choice and serves there authentic taste. Make your taste buds happy.
Banquet – Bagicha
If you plan to arrange a surprise party or any events, we ensure a top-notch preparation with all facilities and have a cherrishable time overall. Create your memories and make them a story.